Do you ever open the junk folder in your email and are immediately bombarded with five million emails from senders you’ve never heard of with a plethora of subject lines that don’t even make sense?

Sometimes, I feel like “junk mail” shows up in more than just my email. I see “junk mail” in situations, in people even.

The “friends” who just dropped me like that sock that lost it’s mate…they seem a lot like junk mail with a pulse.

The situations that won’t even affect me in a couple days that overpower me with anxiety…feels a lot like junk mail.

So many things burden us that aren’t ours to carry, like junk mail, they just take up space.

That is why I encourage you to leave it all in the hands that were wounded for you.

Btdubs, if you didn’t catch that quote, it’s a favorite of mine from the amazing, Elisabeth Elliot. I could talk about her forever so we won’t do that now but definitely check out her books, her testimony is incredible.

Anyway, God died for us. He wants to hold us when we’re down, He wants to take care of us. Like a parent whose child’s heart was just broken, He wants to protect us. But so often, we decide to surround ourselves with our junk mail, literal and metaphorical.

We so often don’t leave it in God’s hands, and that causes destruction. Sometimes, I give things to God, things that have been troubling me, challenges in my life. But then, I get anxious and I pick back up what I’ve already laid down at His feet, because I let my junk mail overpower me.

Sometimes, the pressure of seeing all those people who aren’t dealing with what I am going through, causes me to miss the point entirely. Instead of waiting on the Lord and growing through my challenges, I decide that “I know better”. So I pick it back up. I take it out of God’s hands, because I can’t handle the suspense. But God’s got so many bigger problems. He’s got starving kids in Africa, war, and countless other things that are so much bigger than my first world, #thestruggleisreal problems. Who is He to care about me as an individual when there are so many others in this world, with bigger problems than me, who deserve His love and guidance far more than I do?

He is my Father. He is my place of quiet retreat. He is my comforter. He is my protector. He loves me at my most unlovable moments and He cares for me and my problems too, and that is beautiful. He is like that “Delete All” option. When I trust in Him, He deletes, if you will, the things that are worrying me and causing me pain…because He loves me.

And He loves you too. So leave everything, your anxieties, your worries, your pains, all of it, in His hands, and He will take care of all of it, because you are His child.

xoxo, meg.



God causes me to say, “Woah”… A LOT.

It’s just crazy how God makes all things work together, it doesn’t matter that I know that He is in control of everything, I still am so in awe of the way He is constantly working my life together for the good.

I struggle with that “golden rule”…ya know the one, “do to others as you would want them to do to you”

Subsequently, when others treat me poorly, I treat them poorly and that is something I am working on a lot as of late. I want to show God’s love to others, not my stupid passive aggression.

Today I was praying and just asking God for His help with this and then I was reading my devotional for the day (A Pillar By Day by Jon Courson–10/10 would totally recommend you pick this wonderful work up, it has totally changed the way I look at the Pentateuch and how I perceive it and apply it to my life).

And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. -Genesis 4:10

In Cain murdering his brother, Abel, the way of Cain has come to be one of forgiveness, bitterness, and hatred. When we are mad at others and holding grudges towards them, we are like Cain and we consequently affect multiple people in negative ways. Jon Courson goes on to say that when we are mad at others, no matter who they are, God would respond to us like this, “My Son was slaughtered on the cross for the very sin that person committed against you. Let it go. Give it up. Put it under the blood that speaks better things. Lay it at the cross.”


Only God could make this kind of connection.

God put it on my heart to pray for His help with my problem with holding grudges over those who treat me poorly.

God put it on Jon Courson’s mind to publish A Pillar By Day twelve years ago and to write about this verse for January 15th.

God put it on my heart to begin reading this devotional again in this year.


God is so good, guys! God works everything together for the good and he finds divine ways to connect things in our lives, in exactly the way that we need it.

xoxo, meg.